The 3D Modeling Ontology

The 3D modeling Ontology is the first OWL 2 mapping of X3D 3.3 and X3DOM, complemented by important 3D modeling terms from the industry, resulting in the most comprehensive 3D ontology today. It is an upper ontology formally grounded in the SROIQ(D) description logic, and was designed for 3D scene representation and content-based 3D model retrieval. The high expressivity of the ontology provides a strong reasoning potential in intelligent 3D applications.

3D models are widely adopted in engineering, medicine, 3D printing repositories, scientific visualization, education, and entertainment. The 3D Modeling Ontology can be used to annotate and semantically enrich arbitrary 3D models, e.g., CAD models, medical 3D models, and 3D models of cultural artifacts.

3D Scene Semantics

Why 3DMO?

T he 3D Modeling Ontology provides machine-interpretable definitions for 3D scene annotation.

Formal Grounding

F ormally grounded in SROIQ(D), one of the most expressive decidable description logics, 3DMO exploits all mathematical constructors of its implementation language, OWL 2.

Standards Alignment

F eaturing X3D (ISO/IEC 19775, 19776, and 19777), X3DOM, and XSD alignment, 3DMO is the upper ontology to be combined with domain ontologies and common sense knowledge bases for describing 3D scenes.

Rich Semantics

T he 3D Modeling Ontology has been reviewed by, and improved upon the suggestions of, the Web3D Consortium, the creator of X3D.